Content creating on YouTube comes with many challenges. To begin with, it is highly competitive, with over fifty million content creators who make high quality videos on a regular basis. Therefore, if you are planning to start YouTube marketing in 2019, it would be necessary for you to be able to be able to create unique content so that you can stand out. This would, of course, require a high level of expertise and creativity.

Apart from the stiff competition from fellow content creators, another challenge is that f how to connect with your target audience – and you have to factor i8n the fact that a lot of people who use YouTube do not fancy the ads but rather, are there to watch entertaining videos. Hence, you can only claim to have created successful content if such is engaging enough to attract the attention of viewers.

Relax. While content creating on YouTube might seem daunting, it is actually not; that is, once you know the right actions to take. If you are seeking to know how to create superb content that will attract a lot of viewers on YouTube, then this is the right place for you. This article will provide an in-depth guide on how you can create and optimize your YouTube channel, reach out to your audience, and make use of YouTube ads to advertise on YouTube.

content marketing youtube 2019

content marketing youtube 2019


Open a Business Channel on YouTube

The very first thing to do is to create a Google Brand Account. A Google Brand Account allows several Google Accounts to log in to a YouTube channel at the same time, as opposed to only one account if the YouTube channel is created using a regular Google Account. This will eventually become useful to you later on when you will need more people to help run your channel for you.

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Conduct a Little bit of Research on Your Audience

When you create a YouTube channel, you get access to the Analytics tab where you can get a large array of statistical information concerning your channel. With this, you obtain information about your audience’s behavior……..

Know about your competitors

As earlier said, competition is fierce on YouTube because there are a lot of other business that are in the same niche as your own business. Therefore it is necessary for you to analyse your competition so as to know what to do to stay ahead of the pack. You can get information about the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals by checking their YouTube channels. Take note of the most viewed and least viewed videos, watch these videos and then use them to pinpoint what your audience would be interested in watching and what they would rather not watch. You can then use this knowledge to create your own content.

Learn from the channels you like most

You must have some channels you just like viewing, some YouTubers that you just admire. These people and channels have something about them which draws your attention to them. Try to take some time and figure out what exactly attracts you to these channels. You can then adapt whatever you discover from this process to boost your viewership, even if the contents on these channels do not match your niche.

Optimize Your Content Title for SEO in Order to Boost Views

This is another vital step that you must take in order to increase the number of viewers who check your videos. It is normal for your initial videos to perform below your expectation. However, with continued experience and multiple adjustments and improvements to your YouTube SEO, the numbers will gradually increase as time goes on.

Make sure that the title of your content is highly appealing and has cogent keywords which are relevant to the content. The keywords must also match popular search terms in order to enhance the tendency of your content getting picked up by search engines. Furthermore, it is advised that you make your own thumbnail as this will guarantee the uniqueness of your content. Also, the video description should be compelling enough. You can also include hashtags to your video description.

Post Your Videos

The best step after optimizing your videos is to upload them. It is also advisable to upload videos on a consistent and scheduled basis so that your followers can know when to expect new videos from you. This may require you to make several videos in advance and line them up for posting at regular intervals.  Doing this will help you in case your production arrangement gets interrupted. There are several tools that you can use to upload and schedule your videos in advance, including Creator Studio and Hootsuite.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

If you optimize your YouTube channel, there is a high tendency that your followership will increase. Things you can do to optimize your channel include putting an eye-catching bio with strong keywords, a captivating profile image, links to your site, blog and/or social media accounts, information about your location and contact details, etc. You should arrange your videos into playlists. Putting subtitles of other languages into your video will also help to boost the number of viewers because a lot of people who do not speak your language will be able to understand the content if there is a subtitle in their language.

Utilize YouTube Ads

You can also increase your channel’s exposure by making use of YouTube ads. If you have the money, YouTube ads is an effective avenue to create awareness about your channel. There are several varieties of YouTube ads you can use to do this.

Work With an Influencer

Link up with influencers who have a good knowledge of your brand. Their honest testimonial of your business should be based on their trust in your products, rather than the money you are paying them to do so. These influencers are able to expose your business to their tuned-in audience.

Analyze and Adapt

Having built a stable channel with a considerable number of followers, it is important that you pay close attention to your channel. Make use of YouTube Analytics to obtain important statistics about every video you post. Read the comments of your subscribers. These will help you to know what your audience wants and how you can adapt your content to suit their demands.

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