Are you an online influencer or a marketer? Do you want to inspire your audience, engage them with your content, and gain their attention on social networks?
Then you should know how important your visual content is.

Making your content visual creates a sentimental bond between your customers and your brand. It is like making your content alive.

It is 2019 and every company is trying to reach more clients, boost their engagement, and interact more with their targeted audience.
So now the questions are:

  • How Can You Make the Strongest Visual Content Online?
  • And How Can You Create a Signature Style For Your Brand?

Here are 6 visual ingredients that will make your online content alive.

1. Make it Unique, Engaging, & Catchy:
Our brains have the ability to process images in less than 13 milliseconds; that is a fact. Imagine one of your clients sitting on his computer scrolling down on Facebook and think; would he stop and interact with your post or not?
That is why creating a unique, catchy, and engaging content is needed.
And that is how you can boost your marketing campaigns online and increase your potential customers.

2. Don’t Just Sell Your Business or Brand:
You must realize that creating a strong visual content requires it to be about your clients and their needs not about your business or brand. The design should tell the clients what they are going to get when they use your brand.

3. Ask Yourself: What You Want to Get Out of Your Visuals?
After asking yourself this question, you have to make a clear plan for your visual marketing. The plan must include the goals you want to achieve and the promises you are going to give to your clients.
The plan will make you determine your place among your competitors which should be one of the goals. The visuals are your tool to get both your goals and your promise done.
Once you have a clear plan, clear goals, and a promise, you will be on the right track.

4. Now, It Is Inspiration & Consistency Time:
One of the main differences between memorable brands and forgotten brands is consistency. Consistent brands build trust.
But consistency does not mean repeating yourself everywhere because it does not make sense. The audience on Twitter is different from the audience on Instagram and those on Instagram are different from Facebook. Every social network has its unique audience.
That is why you shouldn’t treat them as if they are the same.
Keep the elements of your brand consistent but also, consider the mindset of each type of audience.

5. Determine The Most Impressive Color Palette:
The dominant color of your brand sends a powerful message about it.
There is something called the psychology behind the colors of brands.
For example, black sends a message that your brand is stylish and powerful. Yellow is fun and full of life. Red is emotional and energetic. Green is the color of nature; it is calming and quiet.
Determine the color that represents your brand well.

6. The Story behind Your Brand:
Visuals activate certain areas in the brain of your customers that makes them develop feels more.
You should make your audience experience your brand through the visual content. Make them imagine themselves using your brand; that is how you develop a sentimental bond between the client and the brand.