2019 is the year of putting the audience first providing them with their informational needs instead of promoting their sales; that is, in general, what is new in B2B content marketing.
That is a very different strategy when compared with how marketers were using B2B Content Marketing in previous years.

Here are the main points that B2B content marketers should consider in 2019.

1. B2B Content Marketing & Building Trust:
When you put the needs of your customers ahead of your company’s sales, your content is found, shared, and discussed more by your customers. This way you build trust between your content and your customers because most customers see their trusted companies as reliable sources of information and nearly all successful marketers agree that it is more beneficial for the brands and services to provide their audience with valuable information than focusing on boosting the sales.
Buildingcredibility with your audience created a long-term relationship between your brand and the audience which eventually boosts your sales.
If you want your brand to be well-promoted, start creating valuable content around it. It is one of the best ways to generate more ROI.

2. Communicate More with The Audience:
Most marketers depend on statics only which is a huge mistake. According to a study made in 2017, 75% of marketers prefer using website analytics and depend on the number of sales while 65% use keyword research.
Only 42% say that they have had actual conversations with their customers.
Talking to customers is the simplest and most direct way of understanding their needs. You should look for ways to make this kind of communication between your marketers and your customers happen. Things like calls with potential clients, surveys, and sales reps are really valuable.

3. Email Marketing& Informative Content:
About 58% of marketers say that they have used content marketing to gain more audience. The top two ways to do so were email marketing and informative content.
Email campaigns help marketers to determine the changes in preferences of their customers which help them to build new strategies and be ahead of their competitors.

4. Investing in Content Creation:
Investing in different types of content creation is one of the top trends in 2019. Find agencies, freelancers, and teams that can understand the nature of your business, your goals, and your audience and create the best content according to these inputs.
Your content must be unique, engaging, reliable, different from your competitors, and valuable. Otherwise, your competitors will win.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)& Search Algorithms:
Nearly all companies are concerned about their position in search engines. Ask any marketer or a business owner about their top concerns and you will find that SEO and social media algorithms are among their answers.
People think that organizations are more concerned about introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their businesses, but the fact is that organizations still care about their competition, image, and rank more than anything else.
You need to have the best team to keep up with the constant changes in social and search algorithms.