2018 has been a good year for influencer marketing. Many trends emerged in attempts to engage more audience and make them interact more with the brands.
Influencer marketing trends will continue in 2019 to be a driving force for brands and services looking for promoting their presence on social networks.
So let’s take a look at the top 8 influencer marketing trends to be successful in 2019.

1. Follow FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Guidelines:
Your business and the social media influencers you are going to work with must be totally transparent with the audience to avoid any kind of legal issues. The influencers must show that they have been paid for promoting brands by saying that this post is sponsored or that this is an ad for the brand.

2. Don’t Just Post on Instagram:
Instagram is the number one social network used in influencer marketing. However, influencers usually have followers on other platforms. When you pay for ads on the different social network, you reach a different audience which increases your ROI.

3. Influencer Marketing Tools Are Great:
Instead of the old methods of finding influencers and managing your relationships with them, there are simpler and more effective tools like Tapinfluence and Upfluence that can help you find influencers and manage your business with them.

4. Influencer Marketing ROI (Return On Investment):
Remember that the main goal from working with influencers is to generate results. Tools like Tapinfluence, Upfluence, branded Hashtag, Special K, and UTM parameters can help you to track the performance. Find the most suitable tools for your business and use them to track your ROI.

5. Don’t Sell, Create:
One of the biggest mistakes influencers so is that they try to sell the brand or the service. They should create a story that tells people how beneficial your brand is instead.
2019 is the year for every business to be more creative when they work with influencers. No matter how small your business is, it is much better to make the influencer try it and say it is great than holding it and saying how he/she loves it.
People need stories, not ads.

6. Choose the Best Influencers for Your Specific Brand:
Everyone wants to be famous online and actually, there are people who live on being social media influencers. That is great for brands because now you will have a wide range of influencers with their fans that you can choose from.
You should choose the best influencers for your specific brand. It is not about the number of followers; it is about the number of people who will be captured by your brand.

7. YouTube Influencers:
There has been a drop in advertising on YouTube in 2018; that is a fact. This also means that YouTube content creators have been affected by this move. The trend in 2019 is to work directly with some YouTube content creators instead on letting YouTube place your ads randomly on videos.
Check Famebit; the platform that YouTube has made for its content creators and you will get an idea of what I am talking about.

8. No More Transactional Relationships:
In the previous year, influencer marketing depended on paying a certain amount of money for ads. In 2019, it is better to build a long-term relationship with the influencers you are going to work with.
That way you give the influencers the time and space to convince their followers with your brand.