Is it accurate to say that you are a forefront brand or a conventional one? Are you seeking to make new innovations or would you say you are trying to bring back some of the old ways of doing things? It does not really matter which side of the fence you fall to because there are two contrastingly divergent marking patterns for the year 2019, one is the futuristic path for the adventurous type while the other is the nostalgic path which is for those who opt to be conservative. Buyers make use of these trends to figure out where your organization belongs.

This does not in any way imply that one side is better or more productive over the other. In the end, the way you present yourself relies is a function of what you have to offer as well as who your target audience is.  It might even be possible for you to make use of these two different patterns to obtain an exceptional brand. What is more important, however, is that you need to be fully aware of of what these patterns really mean and their effect n your business. Once you are able to do this, you will be able to adequately utilize the marking patterns of 2019.

In this article, we have made a rundown of ten branding trends for 2019 after breaking down plan patterns for logos, item bundling, web and graphic design. Regardless of whether you’re looking forward to the future or over into the past, you can make use of these trends to improve and keep your company branding updated in 2019.

Shapeshifting logos: relevant, variable and responsive

This is the biggest trend of branding of the year and affects everybody irrespective of the company’s ideology. It is now a common occurrence for marketers to make use of more optimized shapeshifting logos rather than a single, rigid, unchanging logo which is now fast becoming obsolete. Having different types of logos enables you to optimize for each application/product.

Captivating Serifs

Serifs, which have been rejected in the past, are now making headway in this present time. This is because of their unique ability to capture and showcase a brand’s identity. It is expected that in 2019, captivating, customized serifs which promise to improve a brand’s pattern will spring up. These will help to make your brand unique, but you have to be careful however, because while they are perfect for writing the brands name, and slogan, they might not be great for writing large amount of text, hence using them in your content might make the work look very clumsy.

Friendlier Geometric Pattern

This is a futuristic trend. Traditionally, it makes use of shapes, lines and grids. The new method adopted by designers for geometric design makes use of bright and warm colours, more usage of curves (rather than conventional straight lines with sharp corners). This ensures that your branding aligns with modern dictates and exudes a warm, positive vibe.

Classical-Oriented Logos and Packaging Styles

This is a conventional pattern. It is expected that vintage branding will make a comeback in 2019, mostly in the form of logo and packaging design. These types of logos revolve around a central illustration, usually hand-drawn. The company’s name is present and should the space be enough, the motto of the company could also be added. The year the company was established is usually included, too. Vintage logos are identifiable with their old-fashioned font styles and their seemingly handwritten pattern. It is possible to control the extent of vintage look that you want to have in your logo.

Sophisticated Subtleties

The main features of this trend are its elaborate, convoluted ornamental pattern. It contains certain features such as concentric circles, parallel lines, interlocking ornate shapes which are usually repetitive, and line-shading

It is a really sophisticated branding trend which has the ability to produce interesting and captivating imagery. If you are going to opt for this pattern, it is advisable that you have a simpler version (do not the shapeshifting logos we talked about earlier on) which will be more appropriate for other applications.

Pixel Art

This combines elements of the future as well as the old ones. Pixel art works makes use of large squares which look like individual pixels. By arranging this pixel-0like squares into shapes which can be discerned, you can form a wide array of branding styles ranging from abstract to post-modern.

Ghost Letters

Over the years, this trend has grown in significance and is now one of the trends to watch out for in 2019. The basic features of this style are the letters, which are transparent with only the outline forming. This means that you see the background image of the brand. The style is good for big letters but is not suitable for small font sizes, hence it is very good if used for headings and titles, but is not great for article content.

3D Design

This is another futuristic design. Branding trends are greatly influenced by advances in technology and a lot of designers have utilized technology to come up with great 3D images. This style is very great as it borders on real-life visuals. It depicts a company that is uniquely ahead of the chasing pack.

Proactive Negative Space

While it is true that trends of branding are mostly dictated by technology, it should also be noted that certain trends exist to depict the likes and interests of the society at that point ni9n time.

Proactive negative space employs the use of vacuum – an empty space – in the logo to depict a veiled message. Another use of this space is that an image can be inserted there, thereby increasing the images in your logo. Thi8s helps to enhance the dynamics of the design and makes it more attractive.


Neo-minimalism is a revamped style of minimalism. It improves on minimalism by giving less details and more negative space which it combines with bold letters and bright colors. The absence of textual details means that the colors and letters are relied on to provide information. A lot of logo and packaging branding designs are embracing this trend.